tea 8147

tea 8147

Chunmee:41022 (A,AA, AAA) 4011,9371,9370,9369,9368,9367,9366,8147 ect

Sowmee: 3008,3009,34403, 9380 ect

gunpowder:3505 (A,AA, AAA) 3505 (AAA, AA,A,B,C,D) 9372,9375,9374,9175,9275,9475,9575,9675,8622,9380 ect

Chunmee tea (41022, 4011, 9371 and 8147 ect) is the finest quality of Chunmee. The main markets are north Africa such as Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania. and west Africa such as Mali, Senegal, Gambian, Cote d'ivoire, and Niger, we can supply 41022 with old crop with stale taste.

Gunpowder green tea Known as mellow, smooth appearance and pearl-like shape, gunpowder is a good bran green tea with the annual export capacity of a larg quantity. With the function of health care, gunpowder is widely liked by consumers.

9075,9175,9275,9375,9475,9575,9675,9380… Gunpowder green tea is good for his taste and popular in Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan Market.

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